As a terminal operator, you know the energy transition is looming on the horizon and will ultimately have an effect on your business.


Energy Transition In-Company Workshop

What will the liquid bulk market of the future look like? What kind of infrastructure needs to be in place to handle these products? How do you prevent getting stuck with the wrong product or customer?

Find out how you can make sure your terminal is prepared for the Energy Transition, and how you could potentially profit from it, at our 1-day, in-company Energy Transition Workshop.


Our Energy Transition In-Company Workshop is developed to meet the needs of each individual terminal operator, so each workshop is tailor-made. After completing our Energy Transition In-Company Workshop, you and your team will be up to speed on:

  • Your roadmap for the future: During the workshop, we’ll explain and discuss relevant energy trends and options for your terminal to adapt to the Energy Transition. From there, we’ll lay down the foundation for a roadmap to position your company within the Energy Transition.
  • All relevant Energy Transition topics: Just some of the topics we’ll cover include the pace, timeline and impact of the energy transition, and losers and winners from a product perspective. We’ll examine transition products and the required infrastructure and CAPEX. And we’ll look at frontrunners who are already active among clients and competitors, as well as current investments in Energy Transition-related products.
  • New products: We’ll share knowledge with you on hydrogen and other potential products, explore growth opportunities, discuss required equipment and the associated costs.
  • Subsidies: To get you started, we will provide an overview of the subsidies available. We’ll show you how to apply for these subsidies and how to ensure you’re awarded them. And of course, we’ll provide you options for your potential next steps.


Better understanding of the impact

You will have a better understanding of the impact and timing of the Energy Transition on terminals and feel more comfortable about positioning yourself in the market as an early adaptor.

Clear picture of where to invest

The Energy Transition Workshop will provide you with more clarity on which infrastructure you should invest in now and in the future.

Energy Transition as growth opportunity

Armed with in-depth knowledge and foresight from the workshop, you will now be able to embark on the Energy Transition as a growth opportunity for the long-term continuity of your terminal.

More confidence in business strategy

Thanks to the Energy Transition Workshop, you will be better prepared for the future and more confident about making the right strategic decisions for your terminal.

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The in-house workshop can be organized in the format and location of your choosing so that it can still be held regardless of any potential travel restrictions. Would you like to discuss more with our team of experts?


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