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Market Intelligence Maturity Scan

Do you have the level of market intelligence needed to make data-driven decisions and gain more profit for your terminal?

Request our unique Market Intelligence Maturity Scan and discover where your terminal now stands and what you need to do to become world-class in market intelligence.

Through questionnaires and interviews, will measure your maturity level against a set of critical factors:

  • Scope → what is included in the project and framework (e.g. geographical locations, timeframes and number of terminals)?
  • Process → how does your terminal conduct market intelligence right now?
  • Deliverables → what do you do with the information you collect and how do you share it within your organization?
  • Organisation → how do you organize the process of market intelligence and who is responsible for it?
  • Tools → what tools, databases and other technologies do you utilize to conduct market intelligence?
  • Culture → how important is market intelligence to your terminal and to what extent is your organisation involved in the process?

As a result of the Maturity Scan, you will receive a detailed presentation with the outcome of the scan. We will go through the results together and discuss your best next steps to increase your maturity level.

Cost for the Maturity Scan is €499,-


Our Market Intelligence Maturity Scan provides you with:

  • A detailed presentation of the outcome of the scan
  • A personal meeting with our Market Intelligence experts to go through the results


Discover your as-is situation

Our Maturity Scan is a unique opportunity to discover where you stand today in terms of Market Intelligence and where you need to go.

Leverage our vast market intelligence experience

Market Intelligence is Insights Global’s core business. We combine an academic data-driven mindset with boots-on-the-ground knowledge of the tank terminal market. In this way, it has proven to effectively provide insights and market transparency that supports the business decisions of its clients.

Avoid unnecessary costs before you start improving

The Maturity Scan is a cost-effective way to define a plan of action and start improving your Market Intelligence maturity level.

Discuss the outcome with an expert

We don’t stop at sharing the results of the Maturity Scan with you. We will organize a personal meeting (online or in person, depending on your location) where we discuss the outcome and together define a concrete plan of action for your to move forward.

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Take the first step towards becoming world-class in Market Intelligence and discover where your terminal stands today.

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