When you are part of the management of a tank terminal, you are responsible for the long-term strategy.


Market Size and Outlook Analysis

It is critical to know which products to focus on. But with so many anticipated changes to the industry looming on the horizon, how can you be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected? What product and customer portfolio should you develop and maintain to ensure the continuity of your terminal?

Insights Global can provide you with a Market Size and Outlook Analysis that can help you strategize for the future. We give you foresight through insights.

The market dynamics of the tank terminal sector are influenced by several macro-economic trends such as oil prices, taxes, trade costs, and interest costs. As a tank terminal operator, you understand petrochemical factors like trade flows, logistics, and storage rates also have a powerful impact on your business.

Future legislation and regulation on emissions and the environmental impact of the oil and petrochemical industry will have a profound effect on the market. Since the introduction of the IMO 2020 regulation, significant shifts in the storage market for fuel oil and gasoil have occurred. In addition to any potential market fluctuations, you want to be prepared now for any other possible legislative and regulatory changes to the industry.


We provide you with concrete deliverables to give you a better understanding of future product markets. These include:

  • An overview of the key drivers as well as historical and future supply and demand volumes of selected product markets.
  • An analysis and overview of the changing imbalances and trade flows and their impact on terminals or the product owner’s business.
  • An overview of the main Energy Transition developments and its potential impact on terminals, including potential winners and losers from a product and company perspective.
  • An overview of the potential impact on infrastructure.
  • An outcome of the production plant’s assessment.


Better understanding of market developments

Our Market Size and Outlook Analysis gives you a better understanding of the threats and opportunities from a product perspective.

Insight into changing market trends

We provide you with a better understanding of changing supply and demand volumes and the impact on trade flows, imbalances and terminals.

Enables strategic decision-making

You will be better prepared to make the right strategic decisions backed by our forecasting models based on econometric research that enables scenario planning. We confirm research results with our market contacts on the ground.

More confidence for the future

Our Market Size and Outlook Analysis will help you feel more comfortable about the future direction of your terminals.

Key Insights

The impact of changing supply and demand balances on tank terminals


Changing biofuels regulations and the impact on terminals


Covid-19 and the impact on the market outlook and oil terminals



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