With all the massive changes in the tank terminal sector and liquid bulk market, at times it may seem that the industry is in a state of flux.


Feasibility Studies & Investment Case

Where does your terminal stand now and how should you develop the business to support long-term profitability? As management, you are responsible for making the right investment decisions and therefore need to develop new business cases.

It’s time to conduct a thorough feasibility study for such an investment in your terminal. This is where Insights Global can help you.

We partner with you to combine your knowledge on the ground locally with our solid data. With our proven track record of nearly 50 years of collecting data in the tank terminal sector, we can offer you accurate benchmarking data that is unsurpassed in the industry. We’ll show you what your terminal’s market position is based on our accurate data, experience, and thorough knowledge of the tank terminal sector.


A feasibility study for an investment case from Insights Global studies all the economic, commercial and operational aspects of your terminal. We provide overviews and analyses of:

  • Risks and upward potential of an investment
  • Key supply and demand drivers and imbalances for the relevant products
  • The impact of the Energy Transition on your company
  • High-level Net Present Value scenarios
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Expected revenues resulting from the investment


More clarity on ROI

Our feasibility study will give you a clear picture of the revenues you can expect from your investment. You will be better prepared to make the right investment decision.

Better understanding of the probability of success

We will conduct a study that is specific to your terminal’s location, infrastructure, connectivity and competitive landscape so that you have a clear indication of the probability of success for the investment and/or business case.

External due diligence

We act as an external due diligence advisor so that you immediately have a second opinion on the feasibility of the investment and/or business case.

Access to unsurpassed knowledge and experience

No other consultancy firm can beat our level of knowledge and experience on supply chains in the international petroleum and petrochemical industries. Like you, we understand the dynamics, the drivers, and the trade flows in this specific domain of the oil and chemical value chain.

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For more information on how a feasibility study from Insights Global can help you, download our Feasibility Study and Investment Case presentation.


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