At Insights Global, we are proud of our ability of helping our clients to solve their most complicated issues. We offer a vast range of products and services, that derive from many years of experience, innovative thinking, scientific and sophisticated approach.

Data Services

We provide market data on oil market fundamentals, such as barge freight rates, oil product levels and oil product barge flows. The information is gathered and analyzed daily to give the most up-to-date services available and truly represent the changing circumstances in the market.
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Insights Global produces daily and weekly market analysis reports, giving insights in drivers in the (financial) oil markets and providing tools for terminal operators to gain more knowledge of short and medium term market fundamentals. Yearly reports are published to give a long-term outlook for various global hubs, including the ARA region and Singapore (among others).

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Are you having trouble finding reliable and accurate market information? Do you need assistance in analyzing and forecasting market outlook? Do you require ‘bankable’ market and commercial due diligence reports? PJK International by Insights Global can help you.

We help national and international oil companies, independent storage owners, trading companies, transport companies, banks, and private equity firms in making intelligent commercial decisions.

Our consulting team supports companies in several sections of the oil and petrochemical value chain from refining and processing to storage, transportation, wholesale, and retail. Our data-driven and quantitative approach combined with our knowledge of the sector has proven to build added value for our customers.

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Workshop & Training

At Insights Global we made it our mission to share our knowledge, insights and skills with the tank terminal industry. Whether you are a terminal operator, an investor, a product owner or a service provider, we are confident that our trainings and workshops will provide you the tools of the trade to help you become successful in the tank terminal industry.

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TankTerminals.com delivers up-to-date global terminal information. This platform offers terminal factsheets, which include technical parameters, historical development and managerial contact details.

TankTerminals.com is an online platform, consisting of the most comprehensive data on more than 10,390 Tank Terminal and Production Facilities worldwide. In our database, you will find data on tank terminals, petroleum refineries, crude petroleum export terminals, chemical sites, olefin plants, LNG plants, vegetable oil refineries and much more.

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Keynote Speakerships

The Insights Global team regularly speaks publicly about the tank storage market. We publish the keynotes here for your convenience.

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