Anyone with experience in the tank storage industry knows that price is one of the key components in commercial decision-making, both at an operational and a strategic level.


Storage Fees Research

If you find yourself in negotiations, knowing accurate market prices is critical to determining how you and your company fare in the process of making the deal. It is also the key factor in establishing your competitiveness in the market.

Not only do you need to be able to plan for the future and potentially make investments in your terminal, but you also need to be able to answer day-to-day questions. Questions like, “How much can I rent out or sublease this tank for?”

This is where Insights Global can help. Our market intelligence is unsurpassed in the tank storage sector. Thanks to detailed pricing information and independent research, we are better informed about current and historical market prices and can uncover reliable pricing data.

Our global network ensures that we are well connected in the industry and have access to pricing data for a diverse line of products and geographical regions. We are always available as advisors to provide additional intelligence and support during negotiations or investment projects.


Insights Global’s Storage Fees Research provides a comprehensive set of deliverables based on market intelligence you can rely on:

  • Storage Fees Report that contains an overview of products and prices.
  • The report is presented and discussed in a meeting.
  • We will be as transparent as possible about the methodology used and the data gathered.


Solid insights into market prices

We get the right price for your tanks to increase profitability.

Stronger position during negotiations

Backed by our unsurpassed market intelligence, you will be more confident in negotiations.

Foresight in the market through insights

Comprehensive insights into market prices, developments and trends will make you better prepared for taking the right commercial decisions.

Insight into risk/reward ratio

You will have a better understanding of the probability of the investment and/or business case’s success rate.

Key Insights

The impact of changing supply and demand balances on tank terminals


What would green hydrogen imported from sunny deserts cost?


Tank Terminals are filling up with oil: who is profiting?



For more information on how Storage Fees Research from Insights Global can help you, download our Storage Fees Research presentation.


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