It’s not only important to know where you stand, but where your competitors stand, too.


Competitive Intelligence

Several factors such as location, connectivity and infrastructure affect your terminal’s performance. Add logistical factors, trade flows and storage rates to that list and you have a solid overview of how your terminal is performing.

But what about your competitors on a local and global scale? Uncertainty about your competitiveness versus theirs now and in the future can make it difficult to look forward, especially with so many changes like the Energy Transition on the horizon.

You need to be able to benchmark your performance against your competitors in order to strategize for the future. Insights Global has unsurpassed access to the competitive intelligence you need so you can plan for the future and ensure your terminal’s continuity in the market.

  • Outcome of logistical performance benchmark and main characteristics benchmark with your competitors
  • Overview of market shares for the relevant market segments for your main customers and competitors
  • SWOT analysis for your terminal and your competitors
  • Overview of product storage per location and operator
  • Overview of potential new entrants to the market, substitute products and their impact on market dynamics
  • Overview of tank terminal / product plant capacities and future expansions.


Market intelligence

We have developed forecasting models based on econometric research that enables scenario planning. We confirm research results with our market contacts on the ground about you and your competitors.

Enables strategic decision-making

You will be better prepared to make the right strategic decisions with insights into your competitors for both the short-term and the long-term. You will have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors, and of your competitive position in the current market environment.

Access to unsurpassed knowledge and experience

No other consultancy firm can beat our level of knowledge and experience on supply chains in the international petroleum and petrochemical industries. Like you, we understand the dynamics, the drivers, and the trade flows in this specific domain of the oil and chemical value chain and will show you how you compare to your competitors.

More confidence for the future

Our Competitive Intelligence will help you feel more comfortable about the future direction of your terminals. You will have a better understanding of how to better position your company in the market so that you are more able to ensure long-term profitability.

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