Sector Analysis Reports


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Sector Analysis Reports

Do you need a detailed and comprehensive report on market outlook for the tank terminal sector? Are you interested in knowing the details and impact of various trends on your terminal business? Do you need a report quick and easy? We can help you.

Our tank terminal sector analysis reports look at current and future economic outlook in ARA, Singapore and we’re working on reports for UAE and Houston.

Insights in the current and future market conditions will create a better base in taking strategic or investment decisions.

With a data-driven, quantitative approach combined with knowledge from an extensive and reliable network Insights Global is able to outline an in-depth and comprehensive market picture.

For more information you can download brochures that give information on the specific contents of the reports.

Customized reports

Do you require a report that focusses on other segments of the oil and chemicals value chain? Are you in need of report tailored to your specific situation? We can help you as well.

Our research not only focusses on the tanks storage industry but also on industry sectors such as petroleum refining, shipping, tanker barge, (petro) chemical and biofuels sectors. Insights global covers markets in the four major trade hubs: ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), US Gulf Coast, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

In some cases our ‘standard’ reports do not cover all specific research needs. In these cases, Insights Global is able to conduct a customized report specifically designed for your research needs.

If you want to discuss your options it is best to contact us.

Sector analysis reports

  • Frequency


  • Region

    ARA, Fujairah, Singapore, USGC

  • Format



  • The impact of Covid-19 on the oil and tank storage market
  • The effect of other important themes (e.g., IMO 2020 and ongoing electrification of passenger cars)
  • The latest developments in the field of tank storage capacities
  • The developments of storage rates, including our expectations for the coming years

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