Forecast Oil Prices

Insights Global delivers a bi-daily forecast oil prices. Based on this oil price analysis and a short term outlook, market participants are better equipped in understanding market fundamentals and direction. We offer market research reports, market data, training services and consultancy to support companies in their commercial decision making. Insights Global is an independent market research company. Our company analyses the international petroleum and petrochemical industry. We have extensive network and in-depth knowledge, combined with a quantitative and data driven approach.

We predict trends of prices with our oil market analysis

Insights Global publishes an oil price analysis to our customers to give insights in the current oil prices; we can also make a short term forecast these oil prices. Oil trading and transporting companies have the need for independent advice. This leads to better financial results and more knowledge of the market. Our oil market analyses have various benefits:

• Great ability to estimate risks;
• Better market timing;
• More insight in market factors; and
• Independent advice.

Oil Market Information

Our market information is published twice a day and includes an oil price analysis of North West European oil markets and a short term forecast of oil prices Want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact us at +31850662500.