Barge Freight Rates


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Barge Freight Rates

Rhine and ARA barge freight rates

PJK International barge freight rate reports give information on freight rate levels for transporting oil products by inland tanker barges.

Our barge freight rates are acknowledged as benchmark prices for transport of oil products within the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region and from ARA up the river Rhine to destinations in Germany, France and Switzerland . The freight rates are based upon actual spot deals and published daily.

The freight rates of PJK International help the transport- and shipping market to become more transparent in an objective manner. They are consulted by financial- and economical analysts and entrepreneurs for their analysis of this specific market.

For more information about the methodology of ARA – and Rhine barge freight rates assessment process, please contact PJK us for a detailed description and explanation.

ARA and Rhine barge freight rates

  • Frequency

    Daily, Rhine freight rates at 16:00 CET and ARA freight rates at 17:00 CET

  • Format

    Excel, Word, PDF, E-mail

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