ARA Oil Product Inventories


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ARA Oil Product Inventories

The ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region is considered to be one of the world’s primary oil hubs, mainly due to its physical infrastructure, pricing benchmarks and massive oil consumption. A deeper understanding of ARA oil product stock level changes or changes in the supply and demand balance offers traders and financial analysts information to make better trading or operational decisions and mitigate risks.

Our report covers naphtha, gasoline, jet-kerosene, gasoil /diesel and fuel oil stock levels and is published with practically no-time lag between data gathering and publication. The information originates from the storage company’s own inventory management system.

This means our report is the fastest and most reliable publication of the ARA supply and demand balance.

ARA Oil Product Inventories

  • Frequency

    Weekly, every Thursday at 16:15 CET

  • Format

    CSV, Excel

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