Familiarize yourself with the most important topics in the oil industry.


Oil Academy

Keeping up to speed in an industry that is facing so many changes and challenges is crucial in order to remain competitive. Lagging behind on your industry knowledge will ultimately have an effect on your business.

Insights Global and our partner Ener8 provide professional training courses specifically for the oil and chemicals sectors. Based in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Taipei, we have combined our synergies and in-depth knowledge and experience to create professional training courses that are unmatched in the tank terminal sector. Whether you are an experienced trader or have just recently entered the sector, each one of our courses has something to offer for your professional development.

Our courses can be held in Breda, the Netherlands or Taipei, Taiwan. In-company training is available globally upon request.

What you can expect from the 2-day Oil Academy

Are you interested in the oil trade or is knowledge of oil markets essential for your position? Then this training will provide you with support in the continuously changing market environment that is so inherent to the international oil trade. During this course, we will familiarize you with the most important topics in the oil industry. Especially developed for: traders, product owners, shipping companies, tank terminals, supply chain professionals.


Better understanding of the industry

Whether you are just starting out in the oil or chemicals industry or an experienced professional, we provide you with in-depth knowledge about the most important factors influencing our industry now, and current trends and new developments that will impact the industry in the future.

Competitive edge

Our professional training courses will help you locate internal synergies and find new opportunities so that your business can stay one step ahead of the competition every time.

Implement best practices

We will show you how you can embark on a process of continuous improvement, commit to responsible care and sustainability, increase job satisfaction and implement best practices so that not only your business benefits, but your customers will benefit, too.

More confidence in business strategy

After completing the course or courses, you will be better prepared for the future and more confident about making the right strategic and HSEQ decisions for your company.

Practicalities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our courses can be organized in the format and location of your choosing so that it can still be held regardless of any potential travel restrictions.



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