Chemical market forecast

Specific information on a chemical market forecast of Europa: Insights Global

A chemical market forecast quantifies expectations of future fundamentals like supply, demand and trade flows. The Northwest European chemical market outlook in that respect is challenging as the sector is facing major challenges. One of the main challenges is that a new competitive environment is taking shape by either the rise of state-owned chemical companies in the Middle East, emerging chemical giants in Asia and chemical companies in the US that take advantage of the low cost production environment. An increase in plastics demand that is related to GDP growth supports the Northwest European chemical market forecast.

Insights Global is your highly skilled partner in defining an outlook

One of Insights Global‘s core services are the oil consultancy services. In recent years our company has conducted many oil consultancy projects ranging from commercial due diligence projects to in-depth market research and forecasts of the Northwest European tank terminal, oil, biofuels and chemical markets. Our data driven and quantitative approach combined with an extensive network has proven to be of added value to our customers.

When you are interested in a Northwest European chemical market forecast, please contact our office, either by phone (+31850662500) or by mail. Additionally to these market themes, Insights Global has already conducted an in-depth analysis of ARA and Singapore liquid bulk clusters. Read more on the contents of this market research analysis.