Mission, vision and values


Insights Global strives to improve markets in the energy and chemical business by enabling intelligent decisions. Our data, analysis, advice and training services are aimed at providing insights and transparency. We base our conclusions on facts and have a scientific and sophisticated approach to structure our analysis.  We put our customers first and support their goals with creative solutions to their intelligence needs.


Insights Global focusses on international oil, chemical and renewables industries. These markets are extremely interrelated and are facing some key dynamics:

● Various mega-trends like global population growth, economic development of emerging markets and urbanization will drive growth in demand for energy and for advanced high quality materials.

● Global warming, security of supply and geo-politics are stimulating efforts to transition away from fossil fuels to renewables. The speed at which this transition might occur is however very uncertain and the debate is in some cases highly politicized and emotional. This creates a lot of uncertainty.

● Demand for oil products, especially in the petrochemical, aviation, shipping and heavy duty road transport sectors is likely to remain for the time being. There are no viable alternatives available for the foreseeable future.

For our clients the increased dynamics and uncertainty creates more demand for market information and views on possible scenarios for the future.

Digitization, internet and advanced monitoring systems have already changed the scene completely in the market intelligence business. The application of big data, artificial intelligence analysis techniques and blockchain technology are able to add another array of possibilities. The rate of change is enormous and these developments create opportunities for our business. At the same time it unleashes a rat race of companies pursuing new methods and techniques to provide value in this domain. For our clients the abundance of new services providing market intelligence will increase transparency. The possibilities to use such hi-tech services can be overwhelming and these services might not always prove to be worthwhile, despite their sophisticated technology.

Our future is bright if we manage to seize opportunities and stay competitive. We aim to continuously improve our data quality standards, upgrade our analysis methods and focus on communicating the insights in a way that fits our clients.

Our ambition is to be:

● a fast growing profitable business

● a relevant global market intelligence company operating in the oil, chemicals and renewables business

● deliver high value insights by combining a data-driven approach with on-the ground-intelligence


Providing insights: We provide data driven insights which enable our customers to make intelligent decisions

Transparency: We provide transparent, realistic and unbiased information to guide markets. This benefits all players by ensuring adequately functioning markets which leads to a better future for our industry

Supportive: Our main goal is to support our clients by optimising their business using accurate insights for complex queries

Scientific: We help our customers through proven expert data analytics combined with experience and expertise gained over the years

Sophisticated: With our constant curiosity we offer sophisticated and innovative solutions


Integrity: We strive to be an honest, reliable, trustworthy and loyal partner to our stakeholders

Equal opportunity policy: We treat our employees similarly and give them access to equal promotions and other opportunities within the company

Result driven:We want to have a real impact on our clients by delivering meaningful insights

Transparency: We want to create better functioning markets by providing transparency

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