Weekly Oil Storage Report

A weekly oil storage report is a report that normally shows inventory levels about crude and oil products such as gasoline, gasoil and diesel, jet-kero and fuel oil. These publications are seen as an indicator of the balance between supply and demand. Important publications to follow are the weekly oil storage reports from the US or the ARA region. Insights Global publishes its weekly oil storage report almost the same day as when the stock figures are gathered. As a result there is hardly in lag in the timing. In comparison to other data providers, this is often a week or even months. Insights Global get its information directly from the terminal management systems of the storage companies, which makes our data faster and reliable.

NWE Oil Storage and the oil inventory of Western Europe

NWE Oil Storage is a combination of storage locations in the Northwest European countries such as the Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. In the NWE oil storage region are more than 200 commercial terminals with a total capacity of around 58M cubic meters are operational. The main concentration of tank terminals lies in the ARA region. In the same region are 42 refineries active with a total refinery capacity of 7.554mb/d.

Looking at import and export flows which influence oil inventories in Western Europe a number of significant trade flows can be distinguished. The NWE region is classified as a net exporter of gasoline. A lot of these volumes head to the US and West Africa. For gasoil and diesel the NWE region is a net-importer. Most import volumes come from the US and Russia. Concerning fuel oil, the NWE region is seen as a net-exporter and a make-bulk hub for Russian fuel oil. These global imbalances impact oil inventory levels in Western Europe and have a large impact on business in the ARA region.

Weekly oil storage report

Insights Global has a weekly oil storage report on oil products which are held by independent tank storage companies in the ARA region. This report is sent every Thursday at 16:15CET. Would you like to know more about this product, please contact Insights Global, either by phone (+31850662500) or by mail.