Market Analysis Reports


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Market Analysis Reports

We offer bi-daily and weekly market reports that give insights in the current oil market structure. The reports give information on oil markets, oil prices, spreads, forward curves and arbitrage. It is suited for various market players that want to be updated on market developments like traders, shippers and terminal operators.

Bi-Daily Oil Market Report

This report focusses on analyzing and forecasting oil price dynamics on the short term. This gives an overview of all the relevant market news and focusses on explaining oil price trends. Furthermore, using chart technical analysis we give our view on short term oil price movements.

Weekly Oil Market Analysis Report

Are you struggling to understand the value your terminal provides to your clients? Would you like to know if your clients are making money?

This report is specifically designed for commercial managers at terminal operators. It gives insights in the profit potential of oil trading operations.

Demand for tank storage capacity is heavily influenced by changes in the market environment, as it alters the requirements of a tank terminal client and its profit potential.

To identify which market variables are relevant and how these influence a terminal’s commercial performance, Insights Global has developed unique market reports based on a commercial performance model. The daily report focuses on up to date drivers of the market, including overviews of forward curves and physical trade. The weekly report is based on market fundamentals and dynamics that drive tank storage demand. It will improve the understanding of the world of oil trading and offers tank storage operators an independent view on the market direction.

Market Analysis Reports

  • Frequency

    Daily report: 10:00 CET, update at 16:00 CET, Weekly report: every Friday at 13:00 CET

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Find out what market variables drive an oil trader’s profit potential

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