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Do you want to stay up-to date with the key insights and developments you need to determine your strategy as a Tank Terminal Operator? Are you planning to invest in a tank terminal, but do you need a more in-depth understanding of the oil market dynamics and its impact on tank terminals? Do you need an outlook to make better business decisions?

Important themes for tank terminal market in ARA are:

1) COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the oil market
2) IMO 2020 and changed bunker fuel specifications: Effect on fuel oil consumption, on MGO and growing ARA tank storage demand
3) Electrification of passenger cars: Downward effect on gasoline consumption and its positive impact on ARA tank storage demand
4) Reverse dieselization of European passenger car sales: The change in car sales might decrease structural imbalances and has a negative impact on ARA tank storage demand

The ARA Tank Terminal Annual Report will cover:

1) Our outlook for oil products supply, demand and trade flows and its impact on tanks storage demand.
2) Oil price forward curve outlook and its impact to tank storage markets
3) Tank storage capacity developments
4) Tank storage rates developments
5) View on medium term profitability

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