Martijn van Nijnatten works in the finance department at PJK International and PortStorage Group, collectively belonging to the Insights Global brand. He currently has the role of junior financial executive. In 2018, Martijn joined the finance team as a work student. After graduating in 2019 he started at Insights fulltime.

Martijn started working at Insights Global when he was still a student. His interest in learning via a more practical approach is what motivated him to find a part-time job in finance. Martijn was interested in finding out exactly how companies in the oil industry think about the future, since schools and media are very pessimistic when it comes to the future of oil. It is very interesting to see how these companies try to manage and evolve in a fast changing world.

Martijn did his Thesis at Insights Global concerning the Management & Control Systems of the company, after which he was granted a Bachelor Degree in Finance & Control. His ambition is to join the Dutch army, starting his training in September 2019. This means his time with Insights has a clear ending date. This time will be spent assisting the Financial Manager and working on strategic projects. L

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