Introducing First-Ever Mobile Coating Robots to the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry

Introducing First-Ever Mobile Coating Robots to the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry

A leader in surface preparation solutions, is thrilled to announce its exclusive USA distribution partnership with Dutch innovator Qlayers™. This partnership marks the introduction of the first-ever mobile coating robots, specifically designed for remote field projects in the oil & gas industry.

The 10Q robots, developed by Qlayers, are a pioneering solution in industrial coating, offering unparalleled efficiency and safety benefits. Before their U.S. introduction, these robots had already garnered significant international interest for their superiority over traditional hand-coating methods. Key advantages include:

Unmatched Efficiency: Capable of applying multiple protective coating layers much faster than human teams, the 10Q robots dramatically accelerate project timelines.

Enhanced Safety: These robots significantly mitigate fall risks by reducing human working hours at heights by up to 85%.

Optimal Paint Usage: The robots’ automated coating method drastically reduces overspray resulting in up to 50% paint savings.

Precision Application: Ensuring consistent coating thickness, robots excel in delivering precise feathering between rows.

Eco-Friendly Technology: The patented spray shielding system significantly reduces the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and microplastics into the greater environment.

Complementing BlastOne’s revolutionary tank solutions, including the VertiDrive™ abrasive blasting robots for surface preparation, the 10Q robots represent a significant leap in industrial coating efficiency and safety. “We are excited about our partnership with Qlayers,” said Matthew Rowland, CEO of BlastOne. “The 10Q robots are not just innovative; they’re transformative for large tank coating projects in the U.S.”

Qlayers, based in the Netherlands, specializes in advanced robotic solutions for coating large-scale industrial assets, including storage tanks, wind turbines, and ships. The 10Q robot stands as the industry’s leading automated coating solution tailored to maximize cost-efficiency and safety for both storage tank owners and coating contractors.

Josefien Groot, Co-founder and CEO of Qlayers, expressed her enthusiasm during the grand opening of BlastOne’s Houston office, where the partnership agreement was officially signed. “This partnership signifies a crucial step in our mission to revolutionize the industry. We’re confident that BlastOne’s expertise will be instrumental in the widespread adoption of this technology.”

The revolutionary 10Q robots are now available for purchase or rental throughout the U.S. exclusively through BlastOne. With locations from Washington state to New Jersey, and from California to Florida, BlastOne’s geographic network was designed to serve industrial corrosion control companies across the nation.

By: BlastOne International, February 12, 2024