ARA Gasoline Stores Rise to Fill Druzhba Loss

(Bloomberg) — ARA gasoline stockpiles jumped by 29% in the
past week as inventories in the NW Europe trading hub were
replenished after being been drawn down during the Druzhba
pipeline crisis, according to Insights Global.
* Gasoline stockpiles, highest since early March
** Market participants are actively buying gasoline to rebuild
ARA inventories that were drawn down for inland re-supply, Lars
van Wageningen, operations manager of Insights Global, says by
phone; adds that these volumes may be destined for future
exports out of the region
** At the same time, elevated gasoline-barge flows inland to
serve Druzhba-related demand also continued, with
the motor fuel shipped along Rhine in past week; remains well above regular flows: Van Wageningen
* Fuel oil stockpiles – lowest in about a month
** Stockpiles could decline further in coming week as VLCC
Baltic Sunrise is at jetty in Rotterdam to load fuel oil for
Singapore, Van Wageningen says
* Gasoil/diesel stockpiles – lowest since May 23
** Stable demand for flows inland along Rhine outweighed imports
from other regions this week: Van Wageningen
* EARLIER: Gasoil Stockpiles Fall in Europe’s ARA Region:
Insights Global

Reporter: Bill Lehane

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