ARA Gasoline Stockpiles at Seasonal High Before Spec Change: IG

ARA stockpiles of gasoline climbed to the
highest for the time of year since at least 2007, according to
Insights Global.
** Gain partly driven by volumes coming into ARA before the
switch to winter gasoline, which added to congestion at ports in
Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp, Lars Van Wageningen, operations
director of Insights Global, says by phone
** Also says flows fell to West Africa and inland Europe
following the restart of an FCC at Germany’s Miro
* Fuel oil stockpiles – still well above 5-year seasonal average
** There were some exports to West Africa in past week but the
lull in arb shipments to Asia continued
* Gasoil/diesel stockpiles – still slightly
above seasonal average
** Demand for shipments inland along Rhine were elevated at 200k
tons as importers sought to take advantage of increase Rhine
water levels
** Fewer imports arrived in past week as petchem demand in
region is subdued by seasonal maintenance
* NOTE: Insights Global formerly known as PJK International

Reporter: Bill Lehane

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