ARA Fuel Oil Stocks Hit Three-Week High – (Week 37 – 2023)

ARA Fuel Oil Stocks Hit Three-Week High – (Week 37 – 2023)

Independently held oil product stocks at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) trading hub gained in the week to 13 September, according to consultancy Insights Global. An increase in fuel oil inventories drove the rise.

Fuel oil inventories rose, the highest since 23 August.

HSFO supply was tight in the region, according to the consultancy, while demand for bunker fuels remained level.

Gasoline stocks inched lower on the week.

Demand up the Rhine appeared lower, according to Insights Global, while gasoline blenders were exporting more to the US. Exports to west Africa appeared strong and some cargoes were sent to South America. Gasoline cargoes arrived from Denmark, Germany and Turkey, and left for Brazil, Canada and Egypt.

At the lighter end of the barrel, naphtha stocks declined the most on the week.

The reading was the lowest since the week to 20 April when naphtha inventories amounted.

Firm gasoline blending activity saw stronger demand for the product, as gasoline blenders were exporting more outside ARA, according to Insights Global. Vessels delivered naphtha to France, Italy and Norway, while none left.

Gasoil stocks declined in the week to 13 September.

The arbitrage from the Middle East to northwest Europe was open and workable, according to Insights Global, with more cargoes on route on the week. Gasoil discharged at the hub from Brazil, France and India, while cargoes left for Denmark, France and Ireland.

Reporter: Mykyta Hryshchuk