Two-days Oil Academy

Increase Your Value with More Knowledge

Numbers from EY (2015) show that in the Netherlands around 16.000 people were active in the oil and gas industry. In the same year in the United States some 1.5 million people were employed in this sector. The service providing companies are not even taken into account. It is a massive industry!

It is not only big in size but also in complexity. A lot of companies that we meet only partly understand the logistical oil and gas chain in which they are active. They lack the knowledge to oversee the entire supply chain. Specifically these other parts of the value chain have a direct impact on their business.

Several companies have followed our two-days Oil Academy. After these days they are capable in understanding the functions of the oil and gas value chain. They understand better how the different market players work and how market fundamentals interact. More than 200 participants preceded you and rated this course with an 8!

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